VaultChain™ by Tradewind Markets

Tradewind Markets has combined world-class exchange technology with a tailored blockchain application to revolutionize the trading, settlement, and ownership of vaulted precious metals


Cryptographic Security

VaultChain™ is a next-generation distributed ledger utilizing cryptographically secure records to manage the ownership of physical precious metals. Immutable records representing full title to precious metals vaulted and assured by the Royal Canadian Mint.

World Class Electronic Exchange

The Tradewind spot gold market is powered by the world-class exchange technology of IEX. Quotes are transparent and executable and all trades are physically settled. Tradewind does not act as principal and apply spreads, prices are set by true supply and demand for Digital Gold.

Sovereign Physical Custody

Direct ownership of gold with physical security guaranteed by the Royal Canadian Mint. Owners can request physical delivery through NABX via participating Executing Brokers.


North American Bullion Exchange is a Trading and a Custodial Participant on the Tradewind Markets VaultChain™ platform.


As part of the Tradewind Markets VaultChain™ Program, NABX provides bi-lateral credit and trading support for counterparties both on and off of the VaultChain™ platform. We also provide Execution Management System (EMS) Services and Executing Brokerage services for the Tradewind VaultChain™. 


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